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“A unique & fun apparel business ran by myself, a wife and mother of two.”


Thank you for taking your time to find out a bit about us.

We are a small independent business ran from our home in Derbyshire.

Ran by myself a wife and mother of 2 with a great history of retail, designing & customer service with the support of my wonderful husband who is a web developer and graphic designer who turns my rough idea’s and sketches into reality.

Originally established June 2018, we temporarily closed for a year due to expecting our second child and getting into a routine.

 Now we are back! A new Decade, fresh products and idea’s but the same brand now with a complete line for Men which we didn’t have before,

Our concept is to provide a range of items for all ages that are Unique and fun apparel with the option of personalisation on most of our range that is both affordable and a premium quality.

Our Brands

Hairspiration Collection

What inspired us to create this collection was self-love and being yourself; We wanted to create a statement collection to inspire young girls and adults to embrace you their hair.

Growing up I hated my hair because I felt people defined me based on it I didn’t appreciate it straightened and damaged it until it broke off.

Now having a daughter we need to teach her to love herself and her hair and let her know how perfect she is just the way she is.

It took a good few years for me to build a relationship with my hair and really appreciate it, now I love my hair more than ever, I can definitely say…

I am a queen crowned in my curls!

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